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Top 5 Italian Wine Routes

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Top 5 Italian Wine Routes

Do you know the wine road in Italy?


If Italy is one of the most important tourist destinations in the world, this is not only due to the presence of an invaluable historical and artistic heritage and the incredible variety of its landscapes, but also to the very rich food and wine offer, which is recognized everywhere as one of the distinctive traits of the Belpaese. And among the delights of the table, our wines certainly play a fundamental role.

Thanks to the work of many winemakers the Italian wine industry has, in fact, reached a level of absolute excellence, in terms of quality and quantity, for years, consecrating the country as the world's largest wine exporter.

On this journey from north to south of the Italian peninsula, we discover the wines of Italy by choosing ten itineraries - one per region - to get know some terroirs that have made the Italian wines great all over the world. Have a good trip!



Although Sicily is known above all for its more than 900 km of coast, it represents a place of all respect in the map of Italian wines. Although viticulture in Sicily has a millenary tradition, the island began producing quality wines about 20 years ago, enhancing native grapes such as Grillo, Zibibbo, and Frappato. Wineries like Planeta, Tasca d’Almerita and Donnafugata - located on the largest island in Sicily, Pantelleria - you will, therefore, find excellent wines.

Val di Noto Wine Route
Also known as the Nero d’Avola wine route, We are in the south-eastern tip of Sicily, in one of the most southern areas of Europe, in the stretch of coast that goes from Syracuse to Capo Passero. There are two routes you can choose: the main one has its epicenter in Noto, while the second one is actually divided into two and focuses on the areas of Avola and Pachino.

The wine road of Noto winds through these main agricultural areas, where you can experience the loal cheese such as ricotta and caciocavallo Ragusano, which will delight your palate during your food and wine tour. In addition, the seaside has provided quality fish for thousands of years, and it is certainly worth tasting local tuna and swordfish, especially if you are near the charming village of Marzamemi.

The DOC wines to discover are Eloro, Moscato di Noto and Moscato di Siracusa in the "Terra del Nero d'Avola". This is an area that has always been excellent for growing grapes, especially due to the lack of rain.



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