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Chianti Rufina vs Chianti Classico

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Chianti Rufina vs Chianti Classico

What is Chianti Rùfina? 

Most of the people to whom I make this question misunderstand this wine appellation of Tuscany with the name Ruffino which is the name of a big winery set in Chianti.

The right answer is as follow

Chianti Rùfina is one of the smallest DOCG sub-zones in Chianti.
There are seven Chianti sub-zones, including Rùfina – but not including Chianti Classico DOCG.

Chianti Classico is it has been one of the first DOCG of Tuscany, generally known for its special soil full of clay and limestones and vineyards planted at higher altitudes than Chianti, and the wines must be aged for at least 12 months before being released on to the market.

Usually, people think only Classico is where the really good wine is made, but this is not properly exact. Another sub-region of Chianti can produce very high-quality San Giovese wines.

Chianti Rùfina is known for its high altitude vineyards, and it is a very small subzone of Chianti DOCG.
The temperature at night is pretty cold and this helps Sangiovese to make a ticker grape skin. This is what makes the fortune of Chianti Rufina wines.

The high elevation ripens the Sangiovese slower, this makes more enjoyable tannins and allows the wine to age more slowly.

Chianti Rùfina is a small area. There are only 22 wineries that produce only three million bottles and is also the furthest wine region from the seaside. Altitude helps to retain acidity, freshness and give more intense fruit aromas and perfumes.

What to eat with typical Chianti Rùfina wines.

‘In Italy, people don’t drink wine without eating food. Remember, when acidity can seem a bit much, think about having it with food.
A slow-cooked wild boar ragu it's my favorite match but any stew meat dish could be ok.
Chianti Rufina Riserva is also the classic wine for the famous Fiorentina, a typical T-bonne steak cooked by the all Florentine chef.

My favorite wineries in Chianti Rufina

Villa Bossi
Via dello Stracchino, 32
50065 Pontassieve FI
Tel. +39 0558317830

Tenuta Travignoli
Località Pelago Travignoli, 78
50060 Pelago FI
Tel: +39 0558361098

Fattoria Selvapiana
Località Selvapiana, 43
50068 Rufina FI
Tel & Fax: +39 0558369848


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