Valpolicella & Amarone Wine Tour

Valpolicella, which means "valley of many cellars", is home to a series of red grapes, most of which have unclear origins and are rarely found elsewhere in Italy. Corvina, a dark-berried, thick-skinned variety, is the principal grape in red Valpolicella wines, forming the backbone of the blend with its firm tannins and rich, smokl, red-cherry scent. We'll visit celebrated vineyards where Amarone is made. Its method of production dates back to Roman times.

Accordini wine maker will help you to understand how the Amarone wine is made Barique in a cellar Corvina grapes in Valpolicella

This is the program

Private one day trip with wine expert
The all included tour.
Up to 2 participants
€ 600.00 (€ 300.00 per person)
Up to 3 participants
€ 720.00 (€ 240.00 per person)
Up to 4 participants
€ 800.00 (€ 200.00 per person)
Up to 5 participants
€ 850.00 (€ 170.00 per person)
Up to 6 participants
€ 960.00 (€ 160.00 per person)
Up to 7 participants
€ 1,015.00 (€ 145.00 per person)
Up to 8 participants
€ 1,040.00 (€ 130.00 per person)
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Included in the Price:
Transportation to and from Venice or its vicinities
Private Guide for the day
Wine tasting
Traditional Lunch at the Trattoria in Wine Country
All Local Taxes

Please note that all prices above are quoted considering a pick up and drop off in Padua, Verona or Venice or its vicinities. We can organise for the driver to come to your villa or accommodation in other areas of Veneto and prices will be quoted seperately upon request. While if you are interested in sharing this wine tour with other wine lovers click here

If you are interested in sharing this wine tour with other wine lovers click here

If you have your rental car and you are looking for an escorted wine guide click here.

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