Nobile di Montepulciano Private Wine Tour

Experience a wine tradition that is nearly 700 years in the making.

This tour stands on its own simply because the charming medieval town of Montepulciano truly is a must-see destination; montepulciano wine tourthe fact that you get to enjoy first-rate wine is just an added bonus! Nobile di Montepulciano is primarily made up of the Sangiovese grape along with a few other local varieties that give it its medium body and firm tannins. Coupled with a reddish brown color and the characteristic smell of sweet violets, this wine is an essential for all wine lovers.

Your journey will start from the proud city of Florence through the gorgeous countryside towards its historic rival, Siena. After arriving in the small town of Montepulciano, you will be given a personal tour of the first winery and have ample opportunity to taste the wines. Then, you will stroll along the medieval streets of Montepulciano and enjoy a memorable Tuscan lunch at a local restaurant. After another drive through the beautiful countryside, you will visit the second winery where you will have the opportunity to learn the viticulture and discover the painstaking production process in addition to tasting the wine.

All in all, if you want to get a taste of Italian cuisine and wine coupled with a medieval hamlet setting, look no further.

Montepulciano wine tours


Private one day trip with wine expert
The all included tour.
Up to 2 participants
€ 640.00 (€ 320.00 per person)
Up to 3 participants
€ 750.00 (€ 250.00 per person)
Up to 4 participants
€ 800.00 (€ 200.00 per person)
Up to 5 participants
€ 850.00 (€ 180.00 per person)
Up to 6 participants
€ 960.00 (€ 160.00 per person)
Up to 7 participants
€ 1,015.00 (€ 145.00 per person)
Up to 8 participants
€ 1,080.00 (€ 135.00 per person)
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Included in the Price:
Transportation from Florence or Siena
English speaking tour/driver for the day
2 Winery Visits and Wine Tastings
Olive Oil Tasting
Stop at the old Montepulciano.
Tuscan Lunch at Trattoria
All Local Taxes

Please note that all prices above are quoted considering a pick up and drop off in Florence or its vicinities. We can organise for the driver to come to your villa or accommodation in other areas of Tuscany and prices will be quoted seperately upon request

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Customer Feedback:

June 1st 2010

My wife and I had a great experience with our guide. We set up a private tour of Montepulciano with Italy and Wine. Vittorio (the President of Italy and Wine) planned everything out including two wine tours and a light lunch in Montepulciano. The guide picked us up from our hotel in Florence and drove us directly to the first winery. He kept us both engaged and entertained during the car ride through Tuscany sharing with us his love of the food and wine in the Region. We had a perfect day and enjoyed visiting a modern winery, a delicious light lunch and walk through Montepulicano, and a visit to a small family winery. This is more expensive than a group tour but a great value given the personal attention. Highly recommended for a couple visiting Tuscany looking for an unforgettable experience with zero hassles.

Mark and Rebecca, Switzerland

May 27 2009

My wife scheduled this tour with Vittorio as a surprise anniversary gift for me on our trip to Italy. I could not have been more impressed. Everything was professional, and the experience of our guide was evident in every aspect of the trip. He arrived on-time to pick us up, and brought us some very useful hand-made pamphlets to help our discussion during the 1.5 hour car trip from Florence to Montepulciano. Vittorio explained the various different types of wine from the region, how they are categorized, and the subtle nuances of each type. This was so helpful, since we are mostly familiar with California wines and not Italian wines. This conversation and background really paid off during the tasting. We visited two small wineries -- one before lunch and one after lunch. The tours themselves were very personal and private -- we were the only ones. Never once did I feel rushed or pressured, which is common of some of the wine trips I've been on in Napa Valley. The wines themselves were top-notch, this being another sign that Vittorio really did his homework before the trip. We had lunch in a nice little restaurant in the village and, again, Vittorio handled everything and it was great. All in all this was a very special experience, and one that I will remember forever. Vittorio's diligent planning, expertise, and professionalism showed through in everything we did. I would definitely choose Vittorio's service again and would recommend this service to anyone.

Candy and David Candrel, Frisco, Texas, USA

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If you are interested in this package, contact us today for more information. This tour can also be adapted for bigger groups with a substantial discount. I organize cooking packages and wine tours from 1 day, to weekends to longer food and wine discoveries throughout Tuscany, Piedmont and Veneto.

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